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St. Mary Catholic Church

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Meeting Times:6P.M. 1st & 4th Thursdays

St. Mary Council 11878
Pensacola, FL

Officer Positions
Grand Knight - W. Gary Owchar Financial Secretary - Thomas M. Kidder Deputy Grand Knight - Joseph A. Choppin Sr Chancellor - Kenneth H. McClure Recorder - Unassigned Treasurer - Kenneth L. Fox Advocate - Kenneth D. Pace Warden - Franklin J. Mackey Inside Guard - Richard D. Bailey Outside Guard - Robert L. Kelley One Year Trustee - Leland P. Ogren Two Year Trustee - Tom A. Buchanan Three Year Trustee - Enrique F. Eligio


August 17, 2020


Worthy Brothers

Knights of Columbus Council 11878


Good day Worthy Brothers.


This is Gary Owchar, your recently elected Grand Knight of St. Mary Council 11878. We had our Installation of Officers Ceremony on July 5th, 2020 in the Church, using social distancing protocols and facemasks.

A little about myself, my wife and I moved here in 2018 after retiring and travelling.  I’m a former ICU Nurse, my Wife a Nurse Manager and we both practiced mostly in Jackson, MS.  I have served in the Knights for 12 years having been exemplified to the 3rd and 4th Degrees in MS.  I look forward to meeting many of you over the coming weeks and months. There is no picture of me at this time, however I’m easy to spot at 8AM Sunday Mass being of short stature, greying hair and glasses, wearing a Council shirt.  We do periodically attend other masses.

As we enter a new Fraternal Year, we face many challenges to our health and finances with this pandemic.  Be assured that when we have meetings, our room is set up for social distancing, surfaces are sanitized, and everyone wears facemasks.  We also have the option to listen in to the meeting by phone. Our ability to raise funds has been challenged, as our principle revenue source, the Bay Center, is closed.

          In joining the K of C, I believe and follow the four principles of the Order: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.  As I assume the leadership of the Council, I ask for your support and prayers for our success and as always, your thoughts and ideas are always welcome.


Thank You

Vivat Jesu

W. Gary Owchar, Grand Knight.